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If you are in a particularly difficult or distressing situation - whether personal, family, medical or work-related - psychological and emotional therapy can boost your ability to manage the situation and reduce or remove effects such as anxiety, panic, stress, low self-esteem, depression. "Panic attacks" can result from unprocessed, difficult emotions and so such attacks can be eliminated. If you are suffering from exhaustion or burn-out, professional emotional and psychological help and coaching can be invaluable .  

You may have decided that now is the time to be rid of an unwanted habit such as smoking, gambling, nail-biting, drinking too much or overeating. Hypnotic processes, NLP and Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique can all be useful tools to produce change. Such processes can also address anxiety and the freeze response experienced by some who participate in sport.

Feelings of depression may be alleviated plus giving longer term resilience; Post-viral depression and other psychological or emotional difficulties may also be alleviated.

Do you need emotional and psychological support to make an improvement, recover from a phobia or trauma or to deal with stress in your life? Do you need such support to help you manage a medical condition? As a sportsperson or performer you may wish to replace performance anxiety with increased confidence. My methods are solution-focussed which means that having agreed the solutions you want, we work to achieve those outcomes relatively quickly.

Perhaps you have decided that now is the time to be free of unhelpful, limiting beliefs, address emotional eating, be relaxed rather than anxious, happier rather than burdened by depression. Or perhaps you need to recover from trauma or PTSD or you need to manage relationship breakdown, loss or grief. (Couples seeking help are asked to make individual appointments initially. If appropriate, we then move to joint consultations.) We can use NLP, coaching, hypnosis or hypnotherapy and Clinical EFT with concerns ranging from stress, bereavement, anxiety and trauma to helping you recover from relationship breakdown.

Your work life may be impeded by a personal difficulty such as depression, stress, anxiety, low confidence, limiting beliefs, grief, PTSD or even a phobia. Chronic problems such as exhaustion or burn-out may be making it increasingly difficult to continue working and to balance work with personal life.

It may be that you have no specific difficulty but aim for wellness and improvement in your emotional and mental well-being. Whether you are working or retired, did you know that it is possible to increase your physical and mental well-being as you age?

"Getting older is inevitable; ageing is optional". Dr Mario Martinez

Perhaps you are looking for help from a hypnotherapist or practitioner of NLP and EFT in Northampton to develop excellence in a particular area of your work or personal life. It may be that you want to be generally more relaxed and happier in order to make the most of both your personal and your occupational life. You may have more control over wellness and illness prevention than you realise.

"The state of your health is dictated much more by your beliefs than your biology." Dr Christiane Northrup

Whatever your concern, we may work together to achieve the most helpful change for you. This need not be difficult: you may be surprised at how many changes can be brought about relatively quickly. Reducing performance anxiety in sport may be achieved in a small number of consultations in conjuction with 'homework' which supports change. A phobia can sometimes be dealt with in a single consultation though I would advise allowing for two. Therapeutic and coaching methods can be used if you have concerns such as trauma, anxiety or stress and personal developments such as changing unhelpful habits, changing limiting beliefs, enhancing confidence or increasing motivation.If you are having medical treatment for chronic illness including cancer and heart disease and for M.E. and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, complementary support from Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique and other methods can be extremely beneficial.

Organisations aiming to promote emotional and mental well-being may refer employees, exeutives or volunteers to me for therapy and coaching online. Alternatively or in addition, on-site days or half-days working with employees, executives or volunteers can be arranged. On-site training workshops can also be appropriate.

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"If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading." LaoTzu


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My Approach

My name is Virginia Hayden. I can help you reduce emotional and psychological problems which are affecting your personal or work life. Together we can improve your well-being, behaviour, mental and overall health. Applying a range of tools from Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), hypnosis or hypnotherapy, coaching and Emotional Freedom Techniques (Clinical EFT), I can help you change by reducing or removing a personal difficulty and by enhancing your existing abilities.

As a practitioner of hypnosis, Clinical EFT, coaching and NLP, my solution-foccussed approach aims to help you achieve your own aims as quickly and as painlessly as possible, whether we are working for improvements in health, behaviour, work or personal life. This is NOT the type of psychotherapy which entails you attending consultations for many months or years, taking its toll on your finances. My approach empowers and enables you to manage your particular situation and build resilience as quickly as possible. To support this process, I may give you 'homework' using tools we have used together during consultations. Between consultations you may ask any questions you might have to make the most from the 'homework'.

All our conversations and the work we do together are completely confidential. This remains the case if you are referred to me by an employer, a family member, friend or colleague.

If you are troubled by past events, these trauma are addressed in a way which reduces pain and reduces any difficulties caused in your present life and work. I want to ensure that your focus is away from what you don't want and more definitely upon what it is you do want - how you want to be. Almost certainly you will learn new things about yourself. I think it is important that therapy and coaching should be as brief as possible and should be enjoyable. Therapy need not always be a serious process despite having serious aims. Be prepared to enjoy the experience and even to laugh.

If you prefer not to reveal some aspects of a problem, processes such as Clinical EFT and NLP may be used without spelling out these aspects. Whether we use hypnotherapy, Clinical Emotional Freedom Techniques or NLP together, the intention is for you to become emotionally and psychologically stronger. To this end, it may be valuable to teach you certain tools from NLP and EFT to use in between sessions. In addition, such 'homework' contributes to the speed and effectiveness of our work together.

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The Body-Mind Connection and Medical Treatment

If you are receiving medical attention, Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique, NLP and hypnotherapy may each complement and support medical treatment. The body-mind connection means that our thoughts and feelings affect the chemistry of our whole body and therefore our health. For many disorders (including M.E. or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) by working with our thoughts and feelings, we may have a healing influence on our body.

Because emotions do affect our body and sometimes as pain, we may significantly reduce pain. For people at the end of life, tools such as Clinical EFT, hypnotherapy and NLP can provide valuable palliative support. It is important that if you come to me for complementary therapy to help with a medical problem (for example, diabetes, cancer, chronic pain, neurological disorders) that the problem has been diagnosed by a medical professional. If appropriate - and with your permission - I may write to your doctor outlining the approach we are taking.

You can read a bit more about this here.

"There are undeniable links between our thoughts, the stress response and both our susceptibility to illness and our capacity to heal." Dr Candace Pert


Where I Work - Individual clients

Consultations face-to-face, Daventry in Northamptonshire or UK-wide by Zoom, Skype and phone.
Evening or weekend consultations may be arranged.


Where I work - corporate and organisational clients

Daventry, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire.

Working on-site for half days or full days, to be available for confidential consultations with employees. Educational or training workshops may also be arranged. 

Organisations may also refer individuals to me, for consultations by Zoom or Skype.


"In as much as we are human, we are all in need of help." Erich Fromm



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